Mission & Vision


Vision India visualizes a society in which peace, justice and equality prevail and strives to build an India where all people have access to education, healthcare, employment, housing & sanitation and economic selfreliance, and where all Indians can realize their full potential offsetting barriers of caste, creed, color, language and gender.


Educate and organize the poor and marginalized sections of the society and recuperate human dignity among them and initiate a process of empowerment within for sustainable development.


Vision India has an integrated community development approach that brings people together in the form of SHG/JLG, Cluster Development groups etc., linked together with a multipronged activity framework that covers community organization to community leadership development; financial literacy to microfinance; microenterprise development to cluster development; preventive to curative health care; watershed development to Biodiversity conservation, social welfare to empowerment. Vision India has been partnering with financial institutions, central and state government agencies, PRIs and Donor agencies in its efforts to facilitate the process of development among the marginalized groups.